viernes, agosto 25, 2006

Una noche de viernes.....

Cansado por una semana de viajes , presentaciones, cursos (en los cuales me duermo :/ ), un vistazo al pasado en un mail inesperado, directo de uno de los miembros de esta banda, a traves de su lista de correo :

el contenido del correo :

Now, you could call me stupid and you wouldn't be far from the truth BUT though
I spend many a minute (yeah right, minutes) on YouTube every week, I never thought of
uploading any HOS videos there ! Anyway somebody in this crazy world of ours beat me to it
It's the first time I've seen this thing in over 10 years and though WE ABSOLUTELY HATED the concept when it was first presented to us in 1990 (1989?). Now looking back at
it after all this time I'd say I still hate it but I also think it's hilarious :) What was
the deal with this cemetery fixation they had ??? Jeez, that song was about a girl I was crazy in
love with. (And crazy here is short for : COMPLETELY OUT OF MY HEAD 911 STYLE) . Gabrielle (no it's not her real name) is just an immature love song so what is it with the dead men's face make up and the crucifix every 2 seconds ??? If that wasn't enough they wanted to paint some big black circles around our eyes but fortunately enough one of us must have had enough blood left in his alcohol to draw the line there. Now you will excuse me because I need to go back to these time machine plans I'm working on :)

HOS= Handful of Snowdrops.

Si, el video sera simplon, si, la cancion habra sido para el inmadura, pero el grupo se volvio una referencia de culto y un motivo de nostalgia, el album es casi inconseguible (Land of the dammed) , por un golpe de suerte consegui el segundo (Dans l'oeil de la Tempete).

En correos Anteriores (disculpen mi engrish :p), Jean escribio lo sorprendido que estaba que la agrupacion , con solo dos albums de estudio, sin giras siquiera por los estados unidos (son de Quebec) fuera conocida en Mexico y Brasil, la historia breve en correos (donde su servidor metio la cuchara) :

"Sorry, I'm just realising now that I forgot to answers some of your other
interogations. No, we never recorded, or write for that matter, any french songs. But I regret
that now.
As for Martin's question regarding HOS prior touring, well no, we did not toured
south america, or mexico and the rest of north america. We never toured anywhere :)
There were words of us being asked to open for both Xymox and Ian McCullough's respective
US tour in 1990 or 1991 but it never concretise as our relation with C'est La Mort had
gone sour at the time.


" Thank you. Now I am really baffled :^)

Martin Oullet"

" Hello Martin, I can only guess that you bafflement has to with your lack of an explanation
regarding our "popularity" in latin amercia. Am I right to assume that?
Well, if that is the case I can assure you I have been asking myselves those
very same questions for quite a while now and never could stick an answer to them to this
day. I think, and this is only a guess as I have no way to verify that now, that it
has something to do with some sort of association that was made between Land of The Damned a the goth movement which, I know for a fact, is still nowadays very popular in latin
Then again I could be completly off track with this one. A real answer to this
question could only be given by a latin american fan I guess. If the language barrier
doesn't get in the way that is. Since I don't speak any spanish or portuguese it's likely that
I'll never get an answer to this one.



Y aqui llego yo de Metiche :p

" Re: Handful of Snowdrops Fan

"Land of The Damned a the > goth movement which..." That's a very
close answer,i'm from Mexico, in the goth/synth/electro clubs HOS is
still played , specially "Gabrielle" , "Face to Face" and i know a Dj
tha like to use also tracks from "Dans l'oeil de la Tempete" (i have
since 1991 a copy in cassete form of land of the dammed, i'm still
searching it on original cd, i have a couple of mp3 from this albums
thanks to the old page of HOS (and some other track that HOS put it
that web page about other projects) :S, one mont ago at last get
"Dans l'oeil de la Tempete" in cd in pretty good conditions (amazon
lost me one pz of this album 2 years a go :/ lost in
warehouse/frontier)and i like it very much although it doesn't sound
like land of the dammed. In Mexico Handful of snowdrops, Poesie noise
and Clan of xymox (and many more groups) were played for the first
time in the same radio show (XX/XXI by Arturo Saucedo) between
1988-1992/93 , in that years there was a "boom" of alternative and
"underground" music genres, i think there was the most authentic
between the other to ones in the last years (Mexico speaking, of
course, In the last years the musics realeases comt to the countr only
weeks form original sourse/records company, but in the years i'm
speakin (1988-1993) there were with years of differences, there were
only 2 or 3 stores that import that kind of material (2 of them
extinct today(super sound and Zorba), one of the growns in an very
large chain fo records stores of al kind of commercial material an a
little percent of alternative material (mix up, also know as Mx),
tower Records come to the country a couple of years later but with
highest prices, today i think ther only exist two of thes stoes in
mexico city) the alternative? cassetes copies form cds or Lp's (we're
still speakin of 1988-1993 in Mexico, no cd recorders, or no cd
recorders at low prices), or the original ones in places like
"Tianguis del chopo" (an not fixed market, i dont' know the term in
english, in spain i think they called "manteros" still an alternative
today for original,used or new rare or copy material, buy or
interchanged). today there were in mexico city persons that own little
stores totally dedicated to independent music, i don't know the
exactly number but compared to 1988 , they are a miriad !!!

Javier Olvera H."

"Re: Handful of Snowdrops Fan

Thank you so much Javier for shedding a little light on what was, for me at
least, a complete mystery. Because I remember receiving lettres from Mexico from as far
back as 1990. Yes, lettres folks, remember letters? That was before the big internet Big
Bang. I can't help wondering what it would have been like for us if we had had the web
to help us promote our music at the time. With ifs and buts… :)

Thanks again

Me estoy haciendo viejo en verdad..... :'(

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